Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Farmer's Market Wednesday & Vegan Lasagna

This morning started with another glorious trip to the farmer's market.
I feel so GREEN an environmentally friendly when I buy locally grown organic goods. Coupled with the fact that Raine and I have been biking around a lot more recently, and driving less than 10 miles a day-and less on weekends- I think we're doing a good job to reduce our carbon footprint.
This is what I got today:

A white onion, 2 bell peppers, a plum, and kohlrabi - all for $3! I've never had kohlrabi before- the girl at the stand said she likes it raw but that most people use it in stir-fry.
I also got a mammoth zucchini...

Have you ever seen one so huge (TWSS)? It was organic and it was only $1! I can't wait to eat it up (TWSS?).
In the meantime, I'll use it for tricep exercises...

It was heavy!
I had to go to work right after we went to the farmer's market, but we found time to enjoy a croissant from the market and some coffee from a local shop before I left.

I had an iced Americano and Raine had an iced latte. I've said it before and I'll say it again- nothing compares to my beloved Starbucks! Yes, I'm one of those people...any other Starbucks lovers out there? Also this Americano was weak and cost almost twice as much as my Starbucks Americano. Humph.
That didn't stop me from gulping it down though ;)

I also wanted to share a new recipe with you:
Vegan Farmer's Market Lasagna
This was so simple! 
All I used was:
3/4 jar of Prego Mushroom Heart Smart Sauce
A ton of veggies: garlic, broccoli, zucchini, carrots, spinach
6 No-Boil Creamette lasagna noodles
Tofu Ricotta (recipe follows)
Nutritional Yeast

I sauteed all of the veggies (excluding the carrot) and set them aside first.
Then I made the Tofu Ricotta:
1 block of firm tofu, drained and mashed by hand
2-3 TBSP nutritional yeast
herbs de provence (to taste)
garlic powder (to taste)
salt (to taste)
juice of half of a juicy farmer's market lemon
lemon zest
I added some sauce to cover the bottom of the pan, then added noodles, more sauce, tofu ricotta, and veggies. Then repeat! (I only ended up using about 4/5 of the tofu ricotta)
I topped the last noodle layer with more sauce and a generous dusting of nutritional yeast, then baked it according to the package directions. 
Got too excited to photograph it before I cut a slice!
This was amazing! So satisfying and it tasted super fresh too. The veggies from the farmer's market totally taste better than grocery store veggies and I love it. 
In the morning I used the leftover tofu ricotta to make scrambled tofu.
I enjoyed it with a whole thinly sliced bell pepper and a Boca chik'n patty. Then covered it with hot sauce!
Dare I say this was a balanced meal?
How funny...I don't usually track every single thing I eat, but I happened to track this breakfast and thought the breakdown was great!

Have you ever tried kohlrabi? What is the most exotic vegetable (or fruit) that you've eaten? 
Starbucks: Yay or Nay?


  1. Wow - never tried a kohlrabi, though I'm intrigued! I'm for coffee, but I don't care where it comes from - I'm more of a local coffee shop person, but I'll dip into a Starbucks if its convenient and I'm craving a fix : )

  2. the lasagna looks to die for!!! Oh my gosh im drooling.

    As far as exoticness, the most exotic thing I've eaten was definitely cactus!

    PS - what did you use to calculate the pie chart? Did you do the math in your head and then make the chart accordingly or was it caloriecounter/whatnot?

  3. hahahaha- I'm cracking up at the zucchini exercises! I love zucchini but I've never had one that size before!

  4. That looks AMAZING!!! And my jaw dropped at the hugeness of that zucchini. Wow!

  5. i'm totally with you on the starbucks. i try to support local small businesses as much as possible, but sometimes i just need some STARBUCKS coffee! :)

    and yes i've tried kohlrabi! i LOVE it! i always eat it plain - i don't think i've ever had it cooked except in a "root" vegetable stew.

  6. I have had kohlrabi. I thought it was a bit like radish, so I wasn't a fan.

    I do like a few drinks from Starbucks, but I don't like the prices, so I rarely go there :)

  7. The lasagna looks amazing! Love all the veggies!
    I've never had kohlrabi before.

  8. I've never had kohlrabi, despite the fact that I normally get tons of my produce from the farmer's market -- I have definitely seen it, I just haven't tried it!

    I am also a Starbucks fan. It may be a chain, but it's socially responsible, and the reason it is so wildly successful is because it really is pretty high quality (unless you're a pure-coffee connoisseur; I wouldn't know since I only get lattes or cappuccinos or tea). There is no Starbucks in Aix and I am dying! I know there are a bajillion little local cafes, but none of them have cool drinks like Starbucks has. So I'm with you on this one. :)

  9. I am SO a starbucks person...but I worked there for 3 years so I might be slightly biased haha

  10. I actually enjoy the little kohlrabi. It's a staple in Hungarian homes. Soup, stir fry, stuffed, raw. . . it's radishy and cabbagey at the same time. It's like a turnips mysterious fraternal twin. ;)

    And I love it when zucchinis get that big. Monster zuccs can provide sooo much for several different recipes.

    Starbucks, eh, I am not a coffee drinker so it doesn't really apply to me, but my friends love it :)

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