Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ABCs of Me!

Hi friends!
Thank you all so much for your comments on my last post about the great balancing act that is school-work-social-life. I really appreciate it- y'all are fabulous! It's so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life, but you guys had some great advice and it made me feel a lot better :) I also feel better because Spring Break is almost here. Holla!

I have a fun post for today: My ABCs! I've been loving reading these lately and decided to do my own- better late than never, right?

A- Age: 25 -quarter century yeaaah!

B- Bed size: Queen. Though I used to have a luxurious King:
C- Chore you hate: taking out trash, moving laundry from the washer to the dryer...

D- Dogs!! Yes, I love doggies :)
This was my childhood dog, Pacey--yes he was named after the Dawson's Creek character.
I miss him! I can't wait until I can have a dog again.

E- Essential start to your day: It involves a bathroom... TMI?! Okay, and a big green smoothie.

F- Favorite Color: Pink, then green. 

G- Gold or Silver: Silver.

H- Height: 5'1 (barely!)

I- Instruments you can play: unfortunately, none. I am not a very musical person...

J- Job Title: Grad Student!

K- Kids: no thanks...though I do love fur-babies

L- Live: Charleston, IL

M- Mom's Name: Neena- hi mom!
N- Nickname: Soni Poni, Bab

O- Overnight hospital stays: hmm...maybe when I was born?!

P- Pet Peeves: shoes on furniture, people who act ditzy on purpose

Q- Quote from a movie: "Boo, you whore." Love Mean Girls!

R- Righty or lefty: Right.

S- Sibling: one younger sister- hi Devi!
T- Time you wake up: This is weird, but it depends on the season. During the colder months I'm usually up (naturally) by 8:00am. During warmer months, I'm up by 6 or 7:00am. Of course, school throws a wrench in my normal circadian rhythms!

U- Underwear: yes please

V- Vegetable you dislike: I actually like every veggie I've ever had! I used to not like mushrooms (though technically they're a fungus), but I'm on board with them now. 

W- What makes you run late: I am usually never late, I'm usually actually about 5-10 minutes early to everything. It's a hassle really, because I have to act like I'm busy while I'm waiting. Thank goodness for my Blackberry!

X- X-Rays: I had a few done 2 summers ago when I was having some stomach problems- but that's a story for another post!

Y- Yummy food you make: Indian food... 

Z- Zoo favorite animal: Baby goats! Or, any kind of goats really. 

Well, there you have it! Did you do an ABC post? I love reading stuff like this about the people I know :) 
I'd love to know more about you- what is your F, P, and T

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement!


  1. Pacey's sooo cute--and of course I love the fact that he was named after my favorite DC character! :D

  2. I am a huge fan of goats... I love their super awesome rectangle pupils!! :D

  3. I never guessed you liked
    And about the laundry thing... I rather dislike bringing my laundry to the washer to begin
    I'll bring this ABC back to my blog ;)

  4. haha- pacey witter. I had such a crush on Joshua Jackson!

  5. LOL, love that pic of you in the blanket! So cute, like a turtle.

  6. Hahah, I love that you named your dog after Dawson's Creek...although I always hated Pacey! (I know right? weird!)

  7. great post!!! i also love these types of so interesting esp how people answer the questions!!! its worth reading for sure!!!

  8. Haha I hate taking out the garbage too! And you can come cook yummy Indian food for me anytime you want :)!

  9. I totally wake up with the sun too! That's why it stinks so much that I have to get up so early during the winter for work. Fun learning more about you!

  10. Loved reading your ABCs.

    You look so pretty in the Indian outfit. I'll email you the dal recipe soon!

  11. hey sonia im stealing your idea and making an ABC post too!!! hehe you inspire me!!!! love ur blog!